Edible Easter Basket Cupcakes

Edible Easter Basket Cupcakes
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  1. 1 dozen cupcakes
  2. 1 bag jelly beans
  3. 2 cups white icing
  4. Sweetened coconut, colored with green food coloring
  1. How to make it
  2. First, frost the cupcakes with white icing. Bend a pipe cleaner or a piece of red licorice into an arch and push the ends into the sides of each cupcake.
  3. Shake the shredded coconut in a stainless steel bowl. Sprinkle on food coloring bit by bit, mixing vigorously to distribute the color
  4. Place a pinch of shredded coconut on each iced cupcake. Now place three jelly beans on the "nest" of coconut.
  5. Tie a small ribbon bow on the pipe cleaner or licorice handle at a jaunty angle.
  6. Put one cupcake basket by each place setting at Easter brunch or give them as gifts.
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