Eyes For You Cupcakes

Eyes For You Cupcakes
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  1. 1 box funfetti cake mix
  2. 1 can purchased vanilla frosting
  3. Neon food coloring (blue, green, purple)
  4. 1 box white powdered mini donuts
  5. Red decorating gel
  6. 1 package gumdrops or gummy Lifesaver candies
  7. Brown mini M&Ms
  8. Multicolored licorice twists
  1. 1. Prepare cupcakes according to directions on cake mix. Bake and allow to cool.
  2. 2. Divide the frosting into three small bowls. Add a few drops of food coloring to each and mix well. Frost the cupcakes using the different frostings.
  3. 3. On each mini donut, draw lines with the decorating gel to look like a bloodshot eye.
  4. 4. In the center of each donut place a gumdrop or gummy candy, securing it with a little bit of decorating gel. Add a brown mini M&M for the pupil.
  5. 5. Place one donut eye in the center of each cupcake. Use the licorice to create monster tentacles.
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