Firecracker Fruit Roll-Ups

Firecracker Fruit Roll-Ups
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  1. 1 mini chocolate cream-filled cake roll
  2. 1 roll Betty Crocker™ Fruit Roll-Ups® strawberry chewy fruit flavored snack (from 5-oz box)
  3. Red, white and blue candy sprinkles
  1. 1 Cut 1/8 inch off both ends of cake roll.
  2. 2 Unroll Fruit Roll-Ups fruit flavored snack; remove paper. Using kitchen scissors, cut 5x2 3/4-inch rectangle from fruit flavored snack. Roll cake up in fruit flavored snack rectangle to cover sides.
  3. 3 Dip exposed ends of cake roll into sprinkles.
  4. 4 Shape wick for firecracker from remaining pieces of Fruit Roll-Ups fruit flavored snack. Insert wick into top of cake roll.