Friendly Halloween Cats Painted Pumpkins

Friendly Halloween Cats Painted Pumpkins
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  1. pumpkins
  2. different colored paints
  3. matte-finish sealant
  4. black felt-tip marker
  5. crafts foam,
  6. hot-glue gun
  1. Create a litter of kittens with painted pumpkins. First, coat each pumpkin with matte-finish sealant to dull the waxy surface. Paint the pumpkins different colors, applying two or three coats of paint (let the paint dry between coats). Draw a nose, mouth, and whiskers on each pumpkin with a black felt-tip marker. For the eyes, draw eye-shape outlines and eyelashes using the marker. Paint the inside of the eyes white, let dry, then paint green irises outlined in black. Cut out ear shapes from crafts foam, and hot-glue them in place.