Friendly Sock Snowmen

Friendly Sock Snowmen
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What you need
  1. White ankle sock
  2. Set of measuring cups
  3. Plastic pellets
  4. Polyester fiberfill
  5. Rubber bands
  6. Needle and matching threads
  7. Red or blue infant sock
  8. Pom-poms: medium white for the hat and small red for the nose
  9. Scissors
  10. Buttons: 2-1/4-inch for the eyes, 4-1/4-inch for the mouth, and 3-5/8-inch for the body
  11. Ruler
  12. 1/2 yard of 1-inch-wide ribbon
  1. 1. Turn the white sock inside out. Pour 1 cup of plastic pellets into the toe of the sock for the snowman base.
  2. 2. Use polyester fiberfill to stuff the sock up to the heel for the snowman's body. For the neck, wrap a rubber band several times around the sock at the top of the fiberfill.
  3. 3. Pour 1/3 cup of plastic pellets into the sock for the bottom of the snowman head. Add enough fiberfill to the sock to stuff the rest of the head. Wrap a second rubber band around the sock at the top of the fiberfill.
  4. 4. For the hat, thread the needle with a double strand of thread that matches the color of the infant sock. Pinch the toe of the sock around the white pom-pom; then insert the needle through the pinched portion and the pom-pom. Take the needle back through, and pull tightly on the thread ends. Tie the thread ends into a knot, and clip the thread.
  5. 5. Pull the cuff end of the hat over the top of the snowman's head to cover the rubber band. Use a matching color of thread to sew the hat in place.
  6. 6. Thread the needle with a double strand of white thread. For the nose, sew the small red pom-pom at the center of the face. Sew on two buttons for the eyes and four buttons for the mouth. Sew three buttons down the center front of the body, and tie the ribbon around the neck.